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Battle of the Bridesmaids

Everyone has seen the movie and please believe me when I tell you – it’s not as far from the truth as you may think! Most Brides-to-be know exactly who is going to part of their bridal party before their significant other pops the question but there is one thing that is often not taken into consideration. The Bride has made these relationships and invaluable connections with all her gals – but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to get along with each other!
The Bride should keep in mind that she has thrown many different personalities together that might not ordinarily be compatible.

Have a party:
Once the Bride has her Bride Tribe, a good idea would be to hold an event for all the Bridesmaids to get to know each other. Having a brunch or a cocktail party in a casual setting so the Bride can explain how she knows everyone and how they have impacted on her life can be a great ice breaker.

Be clear about expectations:

It is very important for the Bride to be clear about what she wants and what she expects from her Bridesmaids from the very beginning. This will also eliminate any misunderstandings that may occur. Whether the Bride is wanting a debaucherous bachelorette party to celebrate her last days as a single woman (which would put any Hangover movie to shame); or if she wants a weekend away filled with champagne, massages and manis & pedis with her best girls – she needs to communicate this clearly.

MOH pulls rank:
The Bride should communicate to her girls who will be filling the spot of Maid of Honour from the very beginning. The MOH is usually the BFF and has known the Bride the longest so she will know what the Bride would totes love or completely hate – all decisions should go through the Maid of Honour first, it is what it is!

Dress for success:

Gone are the days where the bridesmaids had to wear god awful dresses, these days, bridesmaid’s dresses are so stunning. Remember, the bridesmaids reflect the Brides taste and the overall wedding theme – so shouldn’t they look exquisite? The Bride should pick a dress that works well for most body types and looks good on all the maids, one less reason for a cat fight to break out.

And finally, Bridesmaids out there – Remember that at the end of the day, you have been chosen to be a part of one of THE BIGGEST days in your friends’ life. Do what she asks and what she wants, try not to be difficult, she is dealing with a lot of stress and you wouldn’t want to be counted as one of those stresses.