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How do you know if you need a planner?

Everybody knows that planning a wedding comes with a bit of stress, but do you know just how MUCH goes into planning a wedding? You don’t need to have a big, flashy wedding to have a planner. This time should be a stress free, happy time for the two of you – why would you want to do everything yourself when there are professional people out there who can do it for you? Here are some points to consider before you take the idea off the table:

⦁ You and your fiancé have full time jobs (obviously – you have a wedding to pay for!) and you don’t have the time to take phone calls from the different vendors and answer the seven million emails they send a day whilst you’re at work.

⦁ You wouldn’t know the first thing about putting together a wedding budget – wait, what?! Yes, you need to make a wedding budget, so you can keep track of all the costs and payments you have made and let’s face it, budgets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

⦁ There’s no time to research vendors and read their reviews. How do you actually KNOW that you’ve booked a trustworthy florist to do the arrangements and that they won’t drop you on the day? At least a planner will have a preferred list of vendors that can be trusted. And you can rest easy knowing you won’t be picking flowers from the veld on the morning of the wedding so that you have something to put on the tables!

⦁ There is so much on the internet and you have realised that combining Alice in Wonderland with eco chic and steam punk might just be a little too much.

⦁ You have a social life and procrastination has completely taken over! Tomorrow is another day… right? Until the wedding is next week, and you still have an A4 list of things to do – at this point, it would be useless to scold yourself for leaving EVERYTHING to the last minute. Why even put yourself under that kind of stress?

⦁ Reading contracts isn’t your forte and there are like 10 pages PER VENDOR! – What the… ? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Except, a wedding planner would be all over that…

⦁ You start hyperventilating when friends and family ask how the wedding planning is going (and trust me, they will ask, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.) and to save face, because no one wants to be THAT person, the only answer you can summon up is “It’s great! Everything is under control of course.” Eek!

⦁ You haven’t spent any down time with your fiancé since the engagement because there are too many things to organise – “Oh! Is that what you look like?!”

⦁ Your Great Aunty Mildred wants to be part of the planning process and her sense of style is, well, questionable. At least if you have a planner, there won’t be any awkward conversations.

⦁ What about on the actual day of the wedding? You’ve planned everything leading up to the day but how would you coordinate the smooth running of things in your beautiful wedding gown?

Obviously, there are many more factors one could consider but if you do relate to any of the above, I think it’s safe to say that you do need a planner.